Kern River Rafting Season 2017 Updates

We’re starting the season off right.

Due to all the great storms we’ve seen this passed winter, our snowpack levels are up 185% as of March 1st! Rafting season started March 18th, and since opening day we’ve seen water flows higher than the peak of last year!

Last year our peak was 2,500 CFS (cubic feet per second) and this year we have been steadily over 3,000 CFS, with a stormy day at the beginning of April reaching 5,000! And it’s only going to get higher from here.


What do the higher water flows mean for white water rafting season?

We are anticipating rafting season on the Kern to continue for a longer period of time this year. Normally, once we start seeing warmer weather the river will rise to a peak level as all the snow melt from Mount Whitney feeds into the Kern River. Last year this happened at the end of May and into the beginning of June. With snowpack levels being so much above average this year we are planning on running river trips until Labor Day.

For anyone interested in the inner tubing trips that we usually offer mid-July, as of  now we are unfortunately not anticipating being able to safely run inner tubing trips this year. Please check back with us later in the summer to see how the water levels are doing –nature is always unpredictable. And remember, always be safe when you are in the river. Wear a life vest, proper shoes, and if you are thinking of floating down, you should always go with a professional.

What else is new this year?

We’ve upgraded our equipment for our guests. Now you can rent our SoCal Rafting Splash Jackets! These are a waterproof jacket that you can wear over your clothes to keep you dry on the river. We still have wetsuits for all sizes, and if it’s a particularly chilly day, we will recommend the wetsuit and splash jacket combo.

SoCal Rafting Ewings Rapid

Frequently Asked Question: “Am I going to get wet?”

More exciting things to come…

This is the year to check whitewater rafting off your bucket list! We will be having a rafting season that is better than the passed 5 years, and we couldn’t be more excited to take everyone out boating on the Kern River! The Kern River is best place near Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San Diego, and other Central and Southern California cities for whitewater rafting! Don’t miss out on an awesome year.

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