Rafting was Back! Fourth of July Weekend with SoCal

Fourth of July weekend has always been a busy and exciting weekend for SoCal Rafting. This year was a special experience for our guests as we had a recent rainstorm that brought the water level on the Kern River to triple what it was the day before!

On Friday, our morning started out as planned. We had a group of 30 doing our Pasadena Paddle Tubing trip, and we loaded up our new trailer with all the tubes. The water level was at 250 CFS in the morning, which was already twice as high as the weekend prior. Around 1:30 PM, our 12:30 trip made it back sooner than expected. The rainstorm the day before was causing the water level to increase even more, which was making the usual two hour inner tubing trip super fast. We were all super surprised when we checked the levels and realized it had tripled to 781 CFS! This was a higher CFS than it has been all season! We had to quickly set up a new game plan for the rest of our trips for the day to accommodate the high levels. We brought out our M6s for our rafting group of 43 at the 3:00 river trip. These are our miniature six person rafts that worked perfect for this large group. Everyone enjoyed this throwback to whitewater rafting! It was a special treat for our guides and guests to get to enjoy rafting in the month of July.

On Saturday a few groups in the morning went out on our M4, and the rest of the day we sent out tubers. Our 10 o’clock had 27 people, 40 at 12:30, 22 at 3:00. We had a lot of groups that were family river trips, and it was exciting to have the opportunity to take those families down in a raft together so late in the season. In the evening our community puts on a firework show above Lake Isabella and the lake was full of tourists and locals to enjoy the festivities of Independence Day. It was a nice show this year, and we were looking forward to the next day’s adventure.

Sunday we had our Zorb Ball out on the river, and also took a small group down in a raft, and the rest of our guests took tubing trips. We had 24 at the 10 o’clock,  5 people booked our Zorb Tubing Adventure, and 10 on the Pasadena Paddle Tubing trip for 12:30. Finally, we had 26 at the 3:00. Everyone had a fun time out on the Zorb and we got some footage of our guests playing around in it. It was an excellent weekend for whitewater rafting in Southern California. All of our guests were super awesome this weekend and everyone had a wonderful vacation of Kern River Rafting with us!