Busy Day in Kernville and Fun With SoCal!

Saturday, May 2nd was a busy day in Kernville. We had the Sirretta Street Yard sale, the classic car show, and many different barbeque vendors set up around town. It was also a great day to spend out of the river with SoCal! We had a small group of rafters go down the river at 10 A.M. We got some awesome shots out on the river as well as some footage. We took our 1-2 person mini-rafts and some of the guides went down in a four-person mini boat (M4). We had lots of fun playing out on the river and doing some tricks!

River Tricks

Kyle flipping his raft without getting in the water!


Later in the day we started taking groups down for our Pasadena Paddle Tubing trip. This is our flagship, trademarked trip. It’s a two hour trip, we supply all the gear you need, guides to help the trip go smoothly, and free shuttles to continue the fun throughout the day! Corey and Ray Johnson, the first group that went down said they had a blast; “It was a lot better than last time we went.” Ray and Corey visited Kernville a few years back and said this trip with SoCal was definitely better. They especially liked the fact that we send a guide along with them: “Having a guide is much better. They can direct you out of trouble.”  They went out on the river again, using our free shuttles, and came back saying it was even better than the first trip down! As summer progresses, we’ll be super excited to be sending even more trips like this one out, so make sure to stop by!